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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer

Twilight at Stephanie Meyer's website
Yeah, I know this one's been reviewed a bazillion times by better chicks than me and, in fact, this is my third time reading it.  But, it's good to revisit old favorites sometimes.

I'm an impatient reader.  I speed-read almost all books on the first time through.  If I like, I read it a second time and so on.  As with other books, I like Twilight better each time I read it.  The first time I thought it was just okay.  The second time, I just liked it.

This time I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I can now see why Stephanie Meyer skyrocketed to writerly fame.  She's a genius at characterization and description, romantic suspense and tension.  Not a Stereotype Kick-Butt Heroine in sight.  Let me tell you, as a book reviewer, I got thoroughly sick to death of stereotypes.  Now, other writers have made a stereotype out of Bella.

But, this is the original, chicks.

I can't do lengthy reviews, due to physical limitations in any case.

The only complaint I have about Twilight is the action.  When the Nomads show up at the baseball game, Alice predicted their coming in plenty of time for Carlyle to make a command decision to have Bella taken safely and immediately away by Edward while the rest of the Cullens sent the Nomads on their way, in flaming pieces if necessary. 

However, the movie version fixes that glitch just fine.  So, I just inserted that scene from memory.

So, even if you've read this one many times, reconsider reading it again.  In my experience as a book reviewer, a book that keeps on giving thrills with each new read is a real keeper.

Much Love, Kimber An